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LG Appliance Repair New York

We are equipped to repair all appliance models from LG, including washing machines, tumble-dryers, fridge freezers, ovens and more. Booking your repair with us is quick and easy - simply call us tell us your preferred repair date, and wait for one of our expert engineers to come fix your appliance. We understand that your first thought when your appliance breaks down may be to look for a replacement. However, here at assist you we'll do everything we can to make sure that your existing appliance is back up and running quickly, easily and affordably, saving you money on a costly replacement. We provide different types of services for the LG brand like Appliance Repairs Boiler Repairs Boiler Servicing . Whether you have a washing machine that won't drain, an oven that isn't heating or a dishwasher that simply doesn't switch on, our appliance repair experts are in your area and on hand to get any fault fixed fast.

We understand that, aside from being inconvenient, one of the biggest annoyances of an appliance breakdown is the potential cost of replacement . Our team of experienced engineers is extremely knowledgeable and there isn't a lot when it comes to appliance faults that we haven't seen! To make life easier for our customers. We provide a full home breakdown solution across most states, offering low price repairs for appliances, such as washing machines, ovens, dishwashers & more. We also repair boilers.

Why Choose

Whether your oven isn't heating up, the door isn't closing properly or your oven won't self-clean, the appliance repair experts at are in your area and on hand to get any fault fixed fast. Not cleaning - Taking your plates out of your dishwasher to discover there is still food debris present? This is a common sign your dishwasher is not washing properly. This could be due to a number of faults ranging from clogged filters to faulty spray arms, Leaking- it causes water damage to surfaces. Our engineers are well equipped, whether the cause is a pump, loose door seal or hose – we will have the leak stopped and the fault fixed in no time.